Honai is a Papua typical house inhabited by the Dani tribe in the hinterland of the mountain Jaya Wijaya Papua, Indonesiaís easternmost island. Honai houses made of wood with a conical roof made of straw or reeds. Honai has a small door and no windows. The structure was built narrow or small, windowless intended to withstand the cold mountains of Papua. Honai consists of two floors of the first floor is a bed and the second floor for a place to relax, eat, and do crafts.

Due to built two floor, Honai has approximately 2.5 meters high. In the middle of the house prepared a place for a bonfire to warm themselves. Honai house divided into three types, namely for men (called Honai), women (called Ebei), and pigsty (called Wamai).

Honai ordinary house inhabited by 5 to 10 people. Honai house in one building used for a place to rest (sleep), other buildings for dining together, and the third building to the cattle pens. Houses Honai divided into two levels. Stairs connect ground floor and first floor from bamboo. The men slept on the ground floor in a circle, while the women slept on the ground.

Here we have modified Honai home. We still use the philosophy and style of Honai, but mixed with modern architecture. All the wood used for the pillars, doors, and windows taken from Borneo (ironwood, Balau, and Merbau). And all Papua stylish artwork created and modified by our team. If you are interested in our artwork, then you can ask to our reception.