Honai Resort is a unique and traditional retreat centre in the countryside of Ubud. The resort is designed as a wellness resort, focusing on traditional therapies, spa treatments, organic cuisine, retreat, yoga and meditation.

With zero expectations we arrived at Honai Resort.
A gorgeous boutique hotel with traditional Indonesian style round houses, a little out of Ubud town, 5 minutes with a scooter that you can rent very easy at Honai.
The staff welcomed us very friendly with a welcome drinks and some towels to clean our hands. After check in, we were brought to our room, and my oh my, how we loved it.

Honai Resort is, also due to it’s location, a place where you sit, and just enjoy your surroundings. Enjoy the calmth, the rice fields surroundings, the resort, the gorgeous pool located in the middle and the peaceful music you hear from the Yoga studio at the resort. Honai offers daily yoga classes and they have a big spa and wellness centre to fully pamper yourself!

Enjoy the nature of Bali in an amazing and luxurious way.



The Honai room is spacious, well maintained and the bathroom, my oh my. I want a similar one later in my own house haha. You simply have your bed, your balcony, your bathroom (rain shower and biggg bathtub) and a bureau, minibar, mineral water, coffee and tea facilities.

Our bed was big and slept well, two pillows, pretty cute decors on the walls and flowers in the room.

The room has no tv, but don’t be frightened by that, you won’t even miss is due to the magical surroundings of the Hotel.

TIP: they have good Wifi, not every place in Bali / Asia has good Wifi.



Every morning we had breakfast a la carte where you can order your favourite dish. I ordered my favourite dragon fruit smoothie bowl every morning and enjoyed my breakfast with some fresh fruits and drinks. The breakfast, and also lunch + diner area is located above the lobby. It is an open area where you can enjoy the pretty views of the surrounding rice fields, see for yourself!


On the second day we also had some nice diner where you have several options from Western to Asian food. Enough choices for everyone. And if you just want to lounge, there’s also a nice lounge spot underneath the restaurant:


Overal we really liked our stay at Honai Resort. What we loved the most were the beautiful surroundings of Ubud’s nature. Driving on our scooter through the area and falling in love over and over again with the beautiful nature. Sitting on our balcony and enjoying the view of the swimming pool with super turquoise water and the cute traditional Indonesian style round houses.

Thank you so much Honai for having us these two days and bringing us back to nature!

More about Honai Resort? Visit https://honairesort.com/ .


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