bali art festival

Tourists visiting Bali around June and July can consider themselves lucky. During those months, the provincial government of Bali holds a one-month long cultural expo. Pesta Kesenian Bali, or Bali Arts Festival, is a grand event celebrating Balinese culture. It’s a much-anticipated event held every year at Denpasar.

Bali Arts Festival has been a part of Bali identity since its inauguration in 1979. Its main mission is to preserve Balinese cultural values as well as to promote them. Either for tourists as well as to young generations. There will be parades, musical shows, dance performances, and many more sub-activities.

For the art and culture event. The participants are representatives from every district and town in Bali. Thousands of artists take pride in contributing to this mega-event. Millions more, locals and tourists alike, join as an audience.

Bali Arts Festival, which will feature a wealth of Balinese art and culture, is slated to run from June 15 to July 13. Tens of thousands of Balinese artists will take part in the festival, which returns for the 41st time, to celebrate wind as a source of life through the theme “Bayu Pramana: Memuliakan Sumber Daya Angin” (Glorifying Wind Resources).

A street cultural parade will mark the opening of the festival on the afternoon of June 15, followed by the official opening ceremony in the evening.

The street parade will feature more than 1,500 performers on Jl. Raya Puputan Renon Denpasar, encircling the Bajrasandhi monument, which honors the struggles of Balinese people throughout history.

Art and cultural performances from across Bali will be showcased in the parade, as well as performances from art troupes hailing from other parts of the archipelago and abroad, such as Papua, Sumenep in East Java, India and China.

The opening ceremony will take place at the Werdhi Budaya Art Center, a spacious cultural compound in Denpasar set to host the festival for one month. A dance drama entitled “Bali Padma Bhuwana” performed by students of the Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) Denpasar will enliven the opening ceremony.

The Bali Arts Festival was first held in 1979 when then-governor Ida Bagus Mantra decided to provide space and funding to promote local culture. Beside art performances, the festival will also feature an art and handicraft exhibition, workshops, seminars, competitions and culinary events featuring authentic Balinese cuisine


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