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Bali Arts Festival, Balinese Culture Parade & Venue

Tourists visiting Bali around June and July can consider themselves lucky. During those months, the provincial government of Bali holds a one-month long cultural expo. Pesta Kesenian Bali, or Bali Arts Festival, is a grand event celebrating Balinese culture. It's a much-anticipated event held every year at Denpasar.

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EVENT: Ubud Food Festival 2019 – Spice up the world

Founded in 2015, the Ubud Food Festival Presented by ABC is three days of cross-cultural culinary discovery with Indonesian food as the star. In its five years it has grown into Indonesia’s leading culinary event.

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Things about Nyepi at Honai Resort

Dear Valued guests,  The Balinese Hindus do not celebrate the coming of the new year of Saka calendar with lavish party; they celebrate it with meditation instead. No activities are allowed to take place. These mandatory religious prohibitions include no pleasure (Amati lelangon), no traffic (Amati lelungan), no fire (Amati geni) and no work (Amati [...]

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KOMBUCHA : New Favourite drink for Yoga enthusiast

Is kombucha tea healthy, what are the potential side effects, and what is a 'scoby'? We explore the science behind this fermented fizzy drink.

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In general, Balinese people name their children depending on the order they are born, and the names are the same for both males and females.

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From 24–28 October, 2018, more than 150 writers, artists, thinkers and performers from across the world will converge for the 15th Ubud Writers & Readers Festival, to share stories and ideas under the banner of this year’s theme, ‘Jagadhita’.

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Temple around Ubud, must see!

These must-see temples in Ubud offer you a glimpse into historical Bali with ancient reliefs and classical Balinese temple architecture. They also serve as cool retreats or brief stopovers along your leisure walks through town.

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Honai Resort is a unique and traditional retreat centre in the countryside of Ubud. The resort is designed as a wellness resort, focusing on traditional therapies, spa treatments, organic cuisine, retreat, yoga and meditation.

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The commonest comment given by Westerners on Balinese food is that it is 'spicy', as indeed it is. Very spicy. For most Balinese people, food without spices is similar to life without love. Whenever they cook, they make a generous use of kunyit (turmeric), cekuh (kaempferia galanga), jahe,(ginger), isen (alpinia galanga), bawang merah (shallot), bawang [...]

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It’s time to celebrate birth of earth

Galungan is about the victory of dharma over adharma. The series of Hindu religious ceremonies that are performed during this 10-day Festival Period are generally considered to be the most important ones of Hindu Bali. During this period the followers of the Balinese Hindu Dharma religion focus on the importance of living a life based on dharma

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