Welcome to Honai

Bali Wellness and Yoga Resort - Honai Resort - Ubud - Bali

Welcome to Honai Resort, a uniquely traditional Bali Yoga Retreat and wellness retreat in the countryside of Ubud, Bali. Honai Resort represents a modern interpretation of the traditional Indonesian Honai, or round house.
The resort is specifically designed as a retreat center, focusing on traditional therapies, spa treatments, organic cuisine, yoga and meditation. Find your own new horizon at Honai Resort.


Experience the tradition of Balinese culture with the Honai Resort signature retreat.


Each room at the Honai Resort is modelled after the traditional Indonesian honai, or round house. The concept of the round circle conjures images of continual rejuvenation and renewal. The circle is infinite and limitless. Honai Resort incorporates this imagery into its very design, providing guests with the ultimate place to refresh their minds, bodies and spirits.


Our full featured spa is a cornerstone of the Honai Resort. Step into the luxuriously traditional Indonesian setting of our spa, where you encounter sounds, sights, smell, tastes and textures that heighten your connection to the world around you and to your inner self.

Yoga sessions at Honai Resort

The purpose-built yoga studio at Honai Resort is unique, beautiful and inviting. Built with an open design philosophy, the yoga studio presents a natural environment for meditation and yoga where guests can embrace the aura and mystique of Bali all around them.

Dining at Honai Resort

The Restaurant at Honai offers truly a one-of-a-kind experience, blending traditional Indonesian flavors and cooking techniques with a modern understanding of nutrition.